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{Ororo is conflicted, she is mad, she is sad and her powers are manifesting that unsettledness. Remy noticed a changing in the weather, a particular one, only concentrated in a particular place in the sky. He knew what that was, although he wished he didn’t. He approached the source of that energy, and there were no room for doubts anymore.}
- Calm down, chérie.
{She knew that voice was familiar, yet she hoped she was wrong.}
- Remy… not you too.
{In another situation she would be more than happy to see him, she missed him. Remy had always been a good friend to her and watching him being imprisoned in the island, just like her, broke her heart. He’d always been less dramatic compared to his friend Roro, but in this case, he felt the exact same way.}

Taylor Kitsch & Halle Berry as REMY LEBEAU & ORORO MUNROE in Roanoke

© Not canon. Characters by Marvel and modified by Marea & Dru for an RPG.