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You hear singers and guitarists with your ears but you hear bass lines with your heart so don’t go telling me bassists aren’t important

FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS (never-ending list of...)
    → 86. SHAME by Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams [x]
Year: 2010
Single Released: 4 October 2010.
Album: In and Out of Consciousness: Greatest Hits 1990–2010
Writer/s: Gary Barlow & Robbie Williams.
"What a shame we never listened
I told you through the television
And all that went away was the price we paid
People spend a lifetime this way”

Spike TV’s 6th Annual 2012 “Guys Choice” Awards
Actor Jeremy Renner presents Justin Timberlake with the award for Entertainer of the Year [x]

Marvel CharactersLaura Kinney {aka. X-23}

"The Facility created me to be a weapon. Killing was all I knew. I didn’t know how to say "no." But if I ever did say no, they had a way to make me kill. A chemical trigger. This is it. A lot of it." - Laura [from X-Force V3 #19]