"A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”

"At least we have each other."

You know when you called last night about the venue? I was with Matilda. She wanted me to model a dress and it was a wedding dress and when I saw myself in it, I started to think about my mom. She would have loved to have been a part of all of this. To help pick out the flowers and try on the dresses. When I looked myself in the mirror, I halfway expected for her to be behind me. And she wasn’t there.


Call me Caleb. Never was nobody’s daddy.

"I can’t imagine my life without you" [x]

"Well who knows, Castle. Maybe third time’s a charm."

It turns out there’s more to it than we thought.


Nathan on Shakespeare.






on a scale of 1 to jensen ackles how much do you regret old pictures of yourself 

somewhere around nathan fillion


Oh my


Firefly references in Castle.
Didn’t you wear that, like, five years ago?


They are so in love and yet they can’t be together because of so many reasons but even so they seek each other out across the crowd, they each need to see the other to assure themselves that they aren’t the only survivor, that they both made it out, that the other is okay, and I can’t even with their love.