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Merlin AU: Morgana’s lovestory [1/?]

After knowing each other for some time now, sir Henry decides to propose to Morgana. She now knows what love is and doesn’t feel the anger that she felt right after she discovered she has magic.

AU ! meme :

In his head, it would go like this : he’d ask her out, she’d say yes, and they would never part again. 

Marvel CharactersLaura Kinney {aka. X-23}

"The Facility created me to be a weapon. Killing was all I knew. I didn’t know how to say "no." But if I ever did say no, they had a way to make me kill. A chemical trigger. This is it. A lot of it." - Laura [from X-Force V3 #19]

Rose: We named him Jack.

Eleven: Jack! Now, that’s a cool name. Hello, baby Jack.


Eleven: How’s Rose?

TenII: She’s fine. Sleeping. She’s…well, she’s pregnant, actually.

Eleven: Ah. I should’ve guessed. I was going to ask you both to come with me. Sort of a…Christmas present. Maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

he was waiting for her as though nothing had changed, and she felt nineteen again.

he wondered if his Time Lord counterpart knew exactly what he was missing.