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get to know me | Female Characters {6/35} Letty Ortiz in the Fast & Furious Movies.

"Aren’t you team muscle? Don’t make me go over there and make you team pussy."

FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS (never-ending list of...)
    → 71. RUDEBOX by Robbie Williams [x]
Year: 2006
Single Released: 4 September 2006.
Album: Rudebox.
Writer/s: Robbie Williams, D. Spencer, K. Andrews,
B. Laswell, B. Collins, C. Aiken, R. Shakespeare, S. Dunbar.
"Got this double fantasy where we just never stop,
I’ve got one design and that’s to funk you to the top.
Know whats on my mind there’s only one thing you will find,
I got one design and that’s to bump you til you drop
Rudebox, do the rudebox, cos you so nasty”
FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS (never-ending list of...)
    → 14. COULD IT BE MAGIC by Take That.
Year: 1992
Single Released: November 30, 1992
Album: Take That & Party.
Original song by Barry Manilow (1975)
"Baby take me high upon a hillside
High up where the stallion meets the sun
I could love you build my world around you
Never leave you till my life is done