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boredyet replied to your photoset: Legit reaction:

“Backing my prez and VP” UGH! Yeah because you lost the guns. I just have a lot of feelings… my beautiful club breaking : ‘(

I’m right there with you. I was so happy by the end of last season that they decided to keep Kozik as one of the members, ‘cause I was honestly looking forward on knowing a little bit more about his relation with Tig and the whole mess with the dog. But now I’m thinking that I’m happy that Kenny got the lead in Prime Suspect. Such a lack of balls, dude! Plus, that whole response was so desperate. Couldn’t you just say: “yey” and that’s that. Saying “Backing up my Prez and VP” sounds more like “I’m sorry bb, please forgive me for the mess I made with the guns, k? Pretty please?”. Sorry, I’m insanely emotional. Damn you, Kurt Sutter.

I’m team Chibs, Piney, Happy, Juice, Bobby and Gemma this season. FUCK THE WORLD.