Avenged Sevenfold, Myrock, August 2013

43/50 Synyster Gates photos {✟}
43/50 Synyster Gates photos {}

[11/20] Avenged Sevenfold closeups for anonymous
[11/20] Avenged Sevenfold closeups for anonymous


Brian asks to Matt for a Kiss!

Silly Brian got jealous of Val. Stupid assholes, I hate them. So much. 

Look at these sweet assholes ♥

I don’t think it wasn’t a matter of Arin’s capability. It was more about whether or not he was going to play the shit we wanted him to play. We wanted to hear fills that give us chills, not the ones that make us laugh because they’re so blindingly fast and crazy. We wanted to hear Slash on drums, you know? But because this is his first album with us, he was like, ‘I’m gonna be shunned by all your fans.’ But we said, ‘Not by the smart ones.’
— Synyster Gates in Guitar World interview (via such-a-syn)