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"I blew all my covers, I’ve got to figure out a new one."
"That might take a while."
"I’m counting on it."

get to know me | Actresses {2/15} Scarlett Johansson.

"What I respect most in people is naturalness and authenticity. I like to be able to see into their soul. I aspire to being a truthful person."

AU: When The Winter Soldier is sent on a mission in Iran, he shockingly spares the life of the young woman accompanying his target. Natasha finds herself intrigued by the legendary assassin; not much is known about The Winter Soldier, except for one thing - he never misses. Her questions only increase when she becomes haunted by the man - every mission, he’s there. Wanting answers, the Black Widow decides to hunt him down, and find out what makes her so different to everybody else in his eyes. But truth be told, he’s not quite sure himself.

If it was up to me to save your life, would you trust me to do it?

"Actresses get stupid questions asked of them all the time. Like, 'How do you stay sexy?' Or 'What's your sexiest quality?' All these ridiculous things you would never ask a man." -Scarlett Johansson (Glamour US - May 2014)


"So the girl is as clever as she is pretty.”


Would you rather have Tony Stark’s mustache or Thor’s abs?





Every time I see this, it makes me happy. 

Hemsworth looks like he got his ass kicked multiple times while Evans just laughed at him the entire time


I find that it's easier to keep your true self buried under several layers of untrue selves, to protect yourself.

Black Widow | Winter Soldier | Captain America


“Honestly, [the arrow necklace] was a choice that Scarlett herself made as her character. Her relationship with Hawkeye will become very clear in Avengers 2.” - Joe Russo

I think that may have been my little nod to Mr. Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye. I guess you could interpret it in different ways but we thought it would be nice to have something that was a little bit personal for the Widow. You kind of forget, because she’s such a badass, you kind of forget that she’s still a woman and that she has her interpersonal relationships in life outside of work.
 - Scarlett Johansson on the arrow necklace.[x] (via buckyxbarnes)    


Is it wro-wrong that I think it's kinda fun
When I hit you in the back of the head with a gun? (x)