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Instagram Mock-ups {Spitz 2.0} → CH: Jonne Aaron. FC: Jake Shears.

Just a small town Finnish boy living a big boy’s life.
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You lay there thinking you made every mistake you could’ve made. You didn’t have to kiss her, you didn’t have to be sweet, you didn’t have to  care… you just did. And now, she’s gone.

"Who the fuck cares if it’s not legal? The only thing that matters is that you… you make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And… if you let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same way. I… I want the world to know that, I want to celebrate that. I want to marry you, Jace."

RPG CHALLENGE: Contextualizing Characters.
35 yo | In a Relationship | Jacesexual Ahm... Bisexual? It's
  • He works as a curator & rater at the Huntington City Museum of Art.
  • His passion involves music; making it, listening to it, performing it, you name it.
  • He’s an all-things Broadway enthusiast. In every aspect. He loves the musicals, he’s incredibly informed when it comes to plays, actors, scripts, directors, producers and companies. 
  • He loves travelling, visiting new cities and, especially, tasting the food and absorbing the culture. Even though he lives in Huntington Beach, California, he’s in love with New York City, being the city he usually chooses when he gets hit by wanderlust. London is one of the places in the world he misses the most. In his heart, even though he was born in Cheshire; London will always be home in more than one way.
  • He has an inexplicable fascination with custom tailored suits. He has plenty of them in his wardrobe but he’s always looking for reasons to buy new ones. 
  • Noah loves reading, especially books centered around art and the history of the arts. He collects books from all over the world, and he’s a bit of a first-editions fanatic.
  • He’s madly and utterly in love with Jace Krueger. The only man in his life he ever saw that way, the one that changed his life, the one that made him realize that it didn’t really matter how much you think your life is settled, it never is. But sometimes he can’t help to think that maybe, just maybe, he was actually waiting for him his entire life.
  • Face claim: Gary Barlow.
  • Where? Spitz (Season 2)

We never sleep we’re always holdin’ hands
Kissin’ for hours talkin’ makin’ plans
I feel like a better man just being in the same room
We never sleep there’s just so much to do, too much to say
Can’t close my eyes when I’m with you
Insatiable the way I’m loving you.

Nico Tortorella & Mark Owen as ZIGGY ROMANO & TRENT OWEN {rpg}

RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → TRENT DAVIS OWEN, 35 y/o, High Class Escort.
Face claim: Mark Owen.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Profession: High Class Escort.
  • Hobbie: Drawing
  • Passion: Music.
  • Music: Nina Simone.
  • TV Show: The Office.
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Pimm’s Cup.
  • Fact: He has an Iguana named Nirvana {he’s always been a massive Nirvana fan}
  • OTP: Ziggy Romano (fc: Nico Tortorella, by Libby)
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → CAMERON MATTHEW RACKAM, 28 y/o, Plastic Artist.
Face claim: Jacoby Shaddix.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Deep Fried Burrito.
  • Favorite Color: Green.
  • Dream Profession: Plastic Artist.
  • Hobbie: Traveling.
  • Music: Megadeth
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Jägermeister.
  • Weird Celebrity Crush: Joan Rivers.
  • OTP: Undecided.
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → SPENCER FREDERICK REID, 25 y/o, FBI Special Agent.
Face claim: Matthew Gray Gubler.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Profession: FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit Supervisory Special Agent.
  • Hobbie: Chess.
  • One Book: "Love and Living" by Thomas Merton.
  • Favorite Saga: Star Trek
  • Alcoholic Drink: Whiskey.
  • One Fact: He can read 15,000 words per minute.
  • Another Fact: He has an eidetic memory.
  • OTP: Jade Matthews (fc: Aoi Miyasaki, by Dru)
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → MARY ELIZABETH ROSE, 47 y/o, Models Manager.
Face claim: Jennifer Esposito.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Boiled Lobster with Lemon Sauce.
  • Favorite Color: Pink.
  • Profession: Model Manager.
  • Dream Vacation Spot: Milan, Italy.
  • Music: Celine Dion.
  • Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Martini with a Twist.
  • OTP: Undecided.
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → SHERALDINE BLAIR MASON, 29 y/o, Tattoo Artist.
Face claim: Lauren Watts.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Tacos
  • Favorite Color: Red.
  • Dream Profession: Tattoo Artist.
  • Hobbie: Drawing.
  • Music: Michael Jackson.
  • TV Show: Family Guy.
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Tequila.
  • OTP: Undecided.
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → JEFFREY CLINTON BARTON, 36 y/o, Archerery Instructor/Cook.
Face claim: Jeremy Renner.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Bacon & Eggs Bagels.
  • Favorite Color: Russian Violet.
  • Hobbie: Archery.
  • Movie: Die Hard (1988)
  • Music: The Doors.
  • Fact: He lived in New Jersey for a while.
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Red Wine.
  • OTP: Annie Beckett (fc: Scarlett Johansson by Dru)
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → NOAH CHRISTOPHER DAWSON, 35 y/o, Curator at the HB Art Museum.
Face claim: Gary Barlow.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Spanish garlicky chicken.
  • Dream Profession: Art Historian.
  • Hobbie/Passion: Music.
  • Dream Vacation Spot: Broadway, NYC; USA.
  • Favorite Movie/Play: 42nd Street.
  • Music: Elton John.
  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Scotch Whisky.
  • OTP: Jace Krueguer (fc: Robbie Williams; by Libby ♥)
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → WILLIAM JUSTIN DEMOSS, 35 years old, real state broker/dealer
Face claim: Justin Timberlake.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: Mushroom, Cheese & Spinach Sauce on Linguine Pasta.
  • Favorite Color: Turquoise.
  • Hobbie: Surfing.
  • Dream Vacation Spot: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Music: Sublime.
  • Movie: The Big Lebowski (1998)
  • Fact: He’s a drug dealer.
  • OTP: Lynx Kash (fc: Jessika Violet, by Dru ♥)
RPG CHALLENGE: Character's Personality
    → ALEXANDER JAMES ROBERTS, 34 y/o, owner (Last Cord Studio)
Face claim: A.J. McLean.
Where? Spitz (Season 2)
Challenge inspired by [x]
  • Favorite Food: French Fries.
  • Favorite Drink: Chocolate Chip Frapuccino.
  • Favorite Color: Fern.
  • Hobbie/Passion: Music & music production.
  • Music: Frank Sinatra.
  • TV Show: Friends.
  • Fact: He gets manicures and pedicures often.
  • OTP: Kelly Bishop (fc: Sara Fabel by Dru ♥)