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I don’t want to be offensive towards anyone and If I sound that way just know that it’s not my intention but…

Are you for real?? How could you even consider the idea that the guys are going to just “forget” about Jimmy?? Are you for fucking real?? How can you even think about that?? Jimmy was their BEST friend since they were kids, they are never going to forget about him. I don’t understand how some people are even asking or raising those kinds of opinions… Let them be, please. Understand that if you are suffering Jimmy’s loss, they are probably suffering it in a way you couldn’t even possibly imagine. I thank GOD they are probably never going to read the amount of crap they’ve been getting for putting out those last promotional images.

And I know, everybody is entitled to their own opinions and I think that’s great. It just pisses me off, that’s all. You have the right to say whatever the fuck you want and I’ll defend to the death your right to do that.