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 Jubilation Lee & Laura Kinney
— But…you know…if you ever want to talk about anything…anything at all… I’ll be there for you. We’re friends now. You get that, right? Friends take care of each other. Like family. You have family, X. You have us.
 What if…there are some things I cannot put into words?
 Words are overrated. You pick up the phone…and we’ll be quiet together. I just want you to know you can count on me.


Marvel Comics Meme » Ten Characters {2/10}
╚ Laura Kinney 


Marvel Comics Meme » Ten Characters {2/10}

╚ Laura Kinney 

Marvel Meme
             > Six Friendships: {5} Logan & Laura Kinney {aka. Wolverine & X-23}

I’M NOT LETTING YOU GO - Remember who you are petite, remember who loves you.


In the lab I was never fed anything but protein mix. No color. No taste.

A post celebrating Laura’s love for hot and spicy (we’re twins in this department). Obviously there is also something much deeper in this set but I won’t get into it because I’ll end up writing a two-page essay. Everyone already knows blahblahblah.


SDCC 2012 Exclusive - X-23 X-Force Variant

Marvel CharactersLaura Kinney {aka. X-23}

"The Facility created me to be a weapon. Killing was all I knew. I didn’t know how to say "no." But if I ever did say no, they had a way to make me kill. A chemical trigger. This is it. A lot of it." - Laura [from X-Force V3 #19]