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Characters in Cyprus Rhodes University » Tyler Hilton as King Keller.

→ 19 years old;
→ Born in North Carolina. Started studying in Cyprus Rhodes two years ago.
→ Career: Music ~Liberal Arts.
→ Active member of KTΓ (Kappa Tau Gamma)
→ “Chris Keller (or King Keller, nickname that his brothers at Kappa Tau Gamma gave him because of his always pressing obsession with Elvis Presley) never thought he would actually go to college. Or that he would be in an actual fraternity for that matter. But life took him there and he decided he was gonna give the whole college experience a shot. And he liked it. He found a family and, for the first time in his life, a home.” 

© This is not canon. Based on the One Tree Hill character and modified by Marea to fit the story.


Characters in Roanoke » Gwen Stefani as Bobbi Morse.

→ 32 years old;
→ Born in Las Vegas and relocated in Roanoke Island a couple of weeks ago.
→ Half Human, half demon. Her abilities go from superior strength and agility to having an incredibly high tolerance to pain and an almost photographic memory. She is skilled in multiple martial arts and well-versed in espionage.
→ “Bobbi is her own person, she’s always been that way, I guess it has to do with the fact that… well, she’s always been by herself. But she is devoted as well, you know? She’d do anything for the people she loves even if a lot of times she won’t admit to having those feelings. You can’t blame her, she’s been through a lot, it’s difficult for her to be honest about them most of the times. But if you get to know her, if you really get to know her you understand that her big heart is there beating like crazy.”

© This is not canon. Crated by Marvel Comics and modified by Marea to fit the story.