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Did Amy Schumer just poke fun at Steve-O about Ryan Dunn’s death?



Joke OR not.. Just leave dead people out of the roast.

Mike Tyson should of punched HER.

Just saying.

I wasn’t amused at what Seth MacFarlane said about Amy Winehouse either.

i was almost angry about the amy winehouse joke until i realised it was more poking fun at charlie. he was implying amy had talent and charlie didn’t. no disrespect to amy. unless you find the fact that she has an obituary as offensive.

^ I feel the same way. At first I was offended about the the Amy Winehouse joke, until I realized it wasn’t at all disrespectful to her, it was full on a Charlie Sheen joke. And the Ryan Dunn joke wasn’t funny to me, but because you could totally see it in Steve-O’s face that he was truly sad about someone even mentioning Ryan’s death.  Also, to be fair, they use Greg Giraldo’s death in almost every roast. And most of the comedians in the panels knew and respected him a lot. It’s just comedy. No one was laughing about these people’s death, they were just using it to make fun of people that are still alive.

Also, I miss when real comedians who knew how to roast where on the panels. Don’t get me wrong, it was funny but I think it says a lot when I think back an realize that the best things of the night aside from Jeffrey Ross were William Shatner and Kate Walsh. And Seth, of course, but technically he wasn’t part of the panel.