BtVS 4.20 | 7.22 [requested by ninetypercentslayer]


buffy appreciation weekday two:  favorite pairing or friendship

buffy, willow & xander

btvs appreciation week • day one: favourite character


buffy meme - quotes (7/7)

this is just a psa that sometimes i look at this gifset and have literal tears in my eyes

like right now for example


buffy summers + cookies

btvs graphic battle | faceless
lisathevampireslayer vs swansbaelfires

If I had friends like you in high school… Well, I probably would’ve still dropped out, but I would feel bad about it, y’know?

Buffy also met the one person she was meant to be with - but the universe didn’t allow them a happy ending. - Steven DeKnight

Whedonverse Parallels

It’s true. It’s the truth and he shows his manhood by saying so. Yeah. I thought that what the final episode did very well was admit that Buffy really is in love with Angel. That the sexual relationship she had with Spike was unhealthy. That it was unwise. - James Marsters

Buffy/Giles moments

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