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The Full Video: Bahrain’s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters

Fast forward 3 minutes in. 

I hardly ever ask anything of tumblr but can you guys PLEASE just reblog this and spread it like wild fire to spread awareness of what is happening

are people aware the US news isn’t really talking about this, and that by spreading this around, we’re taking it upon ourselves to raise awareness? How can an audio post of fucking Lou Bega have over 65,000 notes?

 I still cannot believe this is happening. I have been sitting here for a couple of minutes trying to decide what to type and I just can’t. What is happening in Libya is a serious issue and everyone needs to be informed.

Ni siquiera tengo palabras. Quien diga que vivimos en un mundo civilizado, realmente no está en lo cierto. Me parece repugnante que seres humanos tengan que llegar al extremo de matar por reprimir los derechos de expresión de un pueblo. Y peor aún, es la ignorancia que existe por parte de nosotros al no saber que personas en Libia o en Bahrein deben luchar de esta forma para defender su libertad o simplemente decir que no están de acuerdo con el sistema de gobierno.

Siento una impotencia terrible al no poder hacer absolutamente nada. No puedo creer que esto deba sufrir un ser humano por expresarse.

oh god

Everybody needs to realize what’s going on in the world. Take your heads out of your asses and looks at this video. This CANNOT be happening right now. These kinds of things CANNOT BE HAPPENING right now. Although I’m VERY aware that injustice happens in this world, every day, and a lot of that injustice is fucking inflicted by humans and we don’t even realize it because the media usually don’t show us what doesn’t want us to see, but THIS IS HERE. THIS, YOU CAN SEE. THIS YOU CANNOT ACCEPT. You cannot just look the other way.

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    Peaceful protesters shot at in Bahrain. Along with this video there was a disclaimer that warned the viewer of graphic...
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