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"At the airport I check myself in at a computerized touch screen. I pay bills on the phone without ever talking to a living person. I’ve ran myself out at many retail outlets, bagged my bought goods and left. Many companies have removed the human element at point of purchase. Is not bad when I’m actually doing the scan and screen touching, not so great when I’m at the airport stuck behind the elderly woman who talks to the machine asking it to give her back her medical insurance card she mistakenly put in the slot. Also not so great to go through all the steps only to be told to see some agent at check-in. On the Internet, millions of us point, click and score everything from food, to brides. Some people miss the human interaction of places like the supermarket where you have superficial mini-conversations with the cashier, they get angry when their satellite dish stops working and they have to call in and almost fool the touchstone system to get a human to talk to them. When they order something on-line they’re sometimes unsure that their credit card number and any other sensitive information is being protected where if a human took down all that information they would feel somehow better and safer. It would be very easy for me to decry this modern age of machines taking the place of warm blooded human interaction but I can’t. Truth be told, I would rather deal with a machine than a fucking idiot at a store who doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about because he hates his job and would rather be somewhere else. I quite enjoy scanning my purchase at Home Depot and not standing in a long line of people waiting for the moron behind the register to figure out how to make change from a 100 dollar bill. I like buying CDs on-line so I don’t have to stand at the counter and get a long look from some fucking hipster sack of recessive traits who doesn’t like my taste in music. Most of the time I would rather limit my human interaction in public to fun stuff like pepper gassing Hammer drivers. Long live machine and cold bloodless transactions"Henry Rollins (The Henry Rollins Show, S01E17)

posted 10 Feb 2012 @ 15:56
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