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This is not your fault, baby.

That moment where you show an awful more concern about your husband’s best friend than you do for your own man. That exact moment where you and Kurt Sutter make us realize that this is more than just a regular friendship. You truly and honestly feel for him. He is part of your family and that’s miles away from what your husband is to you right now. You have complete disregard for the fact that he’s lying on that bed, almost dead. You care for that guy that always showed you devotion, that no matter what was there for you, and that probably would understand you more than anyone. Sure, Clay did that before, he was that for you at one point, but he’s not anymore and you don’t hesitate on cutting that tie. He’s betrayed you. But Tiggy didn’t. And you don’t see him doing that. You trust him more and more with time. And I wanna see where that’s heading.

posted 01 Dec 2011 @ 17:22
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